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More images added!

Below are 21 more images newly scanned from the archives of the Historic Boone society…

Look for them to be added by category to the existing tabs (below, and right) by subject matter at a future time, and for more details to be added (if available), as well.

“Whatever you needed, Boone Drug Store was the place to find it. From left: owner Dr. G.K. Moose, pharmacist Wayne Richardson, Bob Agle, Ileen Jones, Delcie Welch, Elijah Bentley and Haskell Flowers.”

1890s ‘Cloudburst’

logging camp

portrait; identity of individual unknown

Round barn, said to have been that of John H. Mast and built in the 1890s

“Left to right Vera Richardson, ________________, Earleen Pritchard, Kathlee Hodges, Nell Linney, Alice Denton, _______________, Louise Coffey, _____________, Carolyn Johnson, Margaret Agle, ___________________.” This correction was submitted by Mr. Larry Klutz: “In the identifying caption for this photo the name “Earleen Pritchard” should be corrected. She is Earleen Pritchett, wife of Prof. Leo K. Pritchett.” Thanks to Mr. Klutz for the information!

Thanks to T. Harmon for this idenitfying information: ”

Photos 5, 13, & 18 are all of the home of Dr. Elijah Filmore Bingham and his wife, Cordelia Love Bingham. It is located in Amantha in the Cove Creek community. If you turn left on Henson’s Branch Rd. just past Henson’s Chapel United Methodist Church, it is just across the bridge. It still stands and is a privately owned home.

Photos 8 & 15 are of the home of former Watauga County Sheriff David Franklin Baird and his family. The home still stands on Highway 194 in Valle Crucis near the original Mast Store. It was last occupied by Sheriff Baird’s grandchildren, Frank & Wilma Baird, who were unmarried siblings. After their deaths, the home was inherited by their Mast cousins. The home is presently unoccupied. The property’s barn was formerly home to Dutch Creek Trails where patrons could rent horses to ride.

Photo #8 is Howard Cottrell, former Mayor of Boone, who also managed the ASU Bookstore for many years. He owned and operated Cottrell Apartments, which stood many years near the bookstore and the First Baptist Church. His former home and apartments were sold to ASU and the new College of Education now stands there.

Photo #14 is indeed of the barn of John Hight Mast. Photo #15 is of Mr. Mast’s home near Silverstone/Mabel and his car (said to have been the first one owned in Watauga County). Mr. Mast stands in front of the car on the right.”

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