Appalachian Training School for Teachers / State Normal School / Teachers College, 1920s (and other)

These images from the archives of the Historic Boone society seem to have been drawn, in part, from the 1925 annual of the school (The Rhododendron) and the student publication, The Dew Drop. Others are loose photographs or snapshots, unidentified (for the most part), collected by the society.

The decade of the 1920s saw significant changes and growth in the institution, which had begun as Watauga Academy in 1899, and was subsequently renamed “Appalachian Training School for Teachers” (1903), “Appalachian State Normal School” (1925), and then “Appalachian State Teachers College” (1929).


Click on an image for an enlarged view!

"Old Administration Building," c. 1925

"Justice Hall," c. 1925.

"Lovill Home," c. 1925

"Science Building," c. 1925

"Old Administration Building"

"New Administration Building," c. 1925

"Newland Hall," c. 1925

"Physical Education Building," c. 1925

"Campus View," c. 1925

Campus buildings in snow (date unknown)

"Watauga Academy," date unknown

Campus scene (with dog), date unknown

"Dairy Barn," date unknown

Campus scene with snow, date unknown

"Entrance, 1929," reads the combined printed and handwritten captions to this early view of the campus.

A view of "Watauga Academy," the school's first beginning


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