Daguerreotypes (?) – no identifying information accompanying…

These antique images seem to be of the “daguerreotype” format – daguerreotypes used a coating of silver on a copper backing to hold the image – or of the later and less expensive ambrotype or tintype techniques. No identification accompanies these images – perhaps in part because of the lack of a surface which can easily be written upon, this and several similar pictures in the collection of the Historic Boone archives are without any accompanying identification of the persons or places depicted – but the image technology and clothing suggest that they may date from the late 1800s. Courtesy of Historic Boone.

Dageurreotype (?) portrait of a woman.

Duegeurreotype (?) image of a couple, posed in formal wear and with a backdrop behind.

Daguerreotype (?) image of a child, posed.

Daguerreotype (?) image of three young women.

Daguerreotype (?) image of a child.

Daguerreotype (?) image of a house, with persons and surrounding setting.


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